Linda’s most profound belief is that we are here for a purpose, and when we fully live that purpose, it has an awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening, and above all, life-changing impact on not just YOU…but the world.

It’s Linda’s passion and mission to give passion-driven, high-achieving women the tools, training, strategies, and insights they need to create a thriving, fulfilling life and business so they can create the difference they came here to make.

Linda deeply feels that we are here to touch the hearts of others, interact, learn, expand our consciousness, give generously, and grow exponentially from our connections.

Through Linda’s Live Your Legacy Community and signature course, “VISIONEERING: Imagining Your Life and Your Legacy” she has taught thousands of high achievers how to envision and design their dream lives.

Little-known facts: Linda is one of 61 first cousins on her mom’s side of the family, has been on seven safaris, and has walked across 1200-degree coals (something she still wonders about). Linda loves to travel, take photos, ski, cook, and read, in no particular order.

Favorite Quote

“Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.” ~ Alice Walker

Transform Your Life

Dream It!

Let me help you envision the next phase of your life’s journey. What are your passions? What is still on your Life List of things you want to see and do?

Design It!

Now it’s time to put intention behind your dreams. What will you put in place to reach your goals? What do you need to create and what do you need to let go?

Do It!

Celebrate new phase of your life as you live your legacy before you leave your legacy. Whether it’s fulfilling a lifelong purpose, taking a sabbatical and traveling, or leaving corporate life to start your own business, enjoy the rewards of your journey.


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